Watch Jon Stewart respond to frustrated young voter in ‘Daily Show’ BTS

“We always think that the world is at its worst the moment that we’re in it. But you have to remain optimistic, because the images that they present to us are to heighten your fear. That’s how they make their…oh, you’re going to love the show tonight.”

This was Jon Stewart’s response to a 22-year-old voter on The Daily Show, who told the host she and a lot of other young people are feeling frustrated with the world, the choice of election candidates, and how they can make their voices heard in the behind-the-scenes clip above.

“Do you know that advertisers, they look at different demographics,” Stewart continues in the clip. “But the largest demographic that they look at is 18-24. That’s the one that means everything to them. Use that power. I’m 61 — I’m not even listed anymore […] Don’t discount the power that you guys have. You have a tremendous amount.”

You can watch more of The Daily Show‘s pre-election coverage here.