Steamforged Games Acquires Warmachine and Whole Iron Kingdom IP

Steamforged Games has acquired the hit miniature fantasy wargame Warmachine, as well as the whole Iron Kingdoms IP (including the RPG line) from publisher Privateer Press.

You likely know Steamforged Games more from their video game tabletop adaptations in recent years, where they’ve been hit or miss. Games like Dark Souls: The Board Game disappointed, but others like Horizon: Zero Dawn The Board Game reviewed quite well, including with us. A number of other projects have also been in the works of translating the world of 1s and 0s into analog games like the upcoming Monster Hunter: World Iceborne board game.

Warmachine is one of the hotter miniature warfare games out there with Privateer Press working to revitalize it with Warmachine Mark IV in 2023, and it has big fans in Steamforged CEO’s. Rich Loxam, a CEO and co-founder of the company said that “almost every aspect of Steamforged’s history can be traced back to Warmachine in some way or another,” while pointing out that both he, and co-founder Mat Hart are Warmachine players. Beyond Warmachine, the purchase also includes the entire Iron Kingdoms line, including the roleplaying games, and the Formula P3 painting brand.

“There’s a real wealth of creative talent and, as you might expect, genuine passion for tabletop gaming in our team. In particular, we all share a special kind of love for Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms. That, along with our expertise in creating games loved by many, makes us ideally placed to collaborate with Privateer Press in shaping the future of a hugely important franchise. There’s a profound sense of duty to nurture its growth and potential, and we take that responsibility seriously. We cannot wait for what’s to come for the players in this wonderful world.” – Mat Hart CCO and Founder of Steamforged

What does this mean for Warmachine going forward?

According to the announcement, Steamforged will work with Privateer Press going forward on developing the game, and releasing new products. Rich Loxam states that they are excited to bring their experience and infrastructure to “take Warmachine into its next era.” There is no announcement about what changes will be coming in the future to the game, or other ones impacted by the move. Privateer Press founder and CCO Matt Wilson said the following about the acquisition:

“We couldn’t have asked for better custodians than Steamforged. Their track record, history with the games, and genuine excitement about the future make them the perfect fit to shepherd Warmachine and the Iron Kingdoms into the future, opening up new opportunities and growth channels for all Iron Kingdoms titles. We look forward to working with Steamforged in the years to come.”

The Iron Kingdoms IP contains more then just the RPG and Warmachines however. Other products that weren’t explicitly mentioned in their announcement but fall into the Iron Kingdoms IP include:

  • Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game Undercity and Widower’s Wood
  • Hordes Miniature wargame
  • Grind Miniatures sports game
  • High Command deck building card games
  • Riot Quest, a alternate universe of Warmachine that is a miniature skirmish game
  • Warcaster neo-mechanika, a high speed miniatures game.

Outside of the list all the games in the Bodgers line, the Level-7 science fiction board games, and Monsterpocalypse miniatures games fall outside of this acquisition.