Open-World RPG With ‘Very Positive’ Reviews Is 90% Off on Steam Right Now


  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War is 90% off on Steam until June 3.
  • This is only the second time ever that the hit open-world RPG dropped to its historically low price of $4.99 on Valve’s storefront.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is currently available at 90% off via Steam. The offer brings it down to $4.99, matching the game’s lowest-ever Steam price.

The sequel to the highest-rated Lord of the Rings game of all time was released at full price in early 2017 before being treated to a permanent $10 discount in September 2018. And while Middle-earth: Shadow of War has seen frequent sales ever since, it took years to drop below $10 for the first time, as WB Games opted to slowly increase its price cuts in 5% increments.


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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Drops to $4.99 For the Second Time Ever

The publisher’s latest Steam sale, which kicked off in late May 2024, discounted Middle-earth: Shadow of War by 90%. This is only the second time ever that the open-world action RPG has dropped to $4.99, and the first time since May 2023. The sale is characterized as a special promotion, with Steam users having less than 24 hours to take advantage of it as of this writing. Specifically, the promo will end on Monday, June 3, at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 9pm CET.

The sale hence offers a compelling opportunity for anyone who hasn’t already played Monolith Productions’ hit game to do so without breaking the bank. Although Shadow of War did not match the extremely high level of critical acclaim bestowed upon its predecessor, it was still released to immensely positive reviews. That’s reflected in its OpenCritic average score of 82, as well as the 76% recommendation rate tracked by the aggregator. Its audience reception is also nothing to scoff at, with the game boasting over 72,000 “Very Positive” user reviews on Steam alone. Aside from satisfying combat and a plethora of content, many PC gamers cited Middle-earth: Shadow of War‘s Nemesis system as one of the main reasons for their positive impression of the game.

The mechanic, which originally debuted in the 2014 Shadow of Mordor, allows players to develop rivalries with Orc commanders, either by killing them or dying by their hand. Not only do these actions impact future interactions with enemies, but they even affect their positions in their military hierarchy. The protagonist can also dominate his nemeses, turning them into allies. The mechanic was a huge unique selling point of both Middle-earth games, and one of the main reasons why fans are still hoping for a Shadow of War sequel, positing that the Nemesis system is simply too good to be shelved.

PC gamers who are still on the fence about pulling the trigger on the game even at this historically low price may be able to reach a purchase decision by trying the Shadow of War demo, which has long been available on Valve’s digital storefront. In related news, Diablo 4 is also currently on sale at a historically low Steam price.