Limited Run Games under fire for burning games to low quality CD-R

Limited Run Games has been called out by critics for releasing games for the 3DO console using burned CD-R disks instead of higher quality pressed disks.

Typically, when software is released on disk format, it comes in a pressed disk which is made off of a glass master copy. This ensures that the disk is created with quality in mind, as the process allegedly results in a more reliable disk.

Meanwhile the burned CD-R disks that Limited Run Games is using are allegedly no different than the spools of disks you can buy at Office Depot in packs of 100. Although the LRG release will at least look a little prettier.

Since the news broke, other users began sharing their quality concerns with not just 3DO products, but also releases on other hardware such as PC.

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties pc edition shipped on DVD-R. And replacement disc for Monkey Island Anthology, a $200 set that they didn’t even check you could correctly install from the discs, was also a DVD-R. I was furious.

Anecdotally, burned CD-Rs tend to not last as long as pressed disks and it’s possible that when a disk unsuited for the hardware is used, it can result in damage to both the disk and possibly the system.

What has fans most upset, is that this unexpected lack of quality isn’t disclosed on the site.