Japanese man assaults co-worker over Oshi no Ko spoilers

A Japanese man has been charged with assault after he allegedly attacked a coworker who told him spoilers for the series Oshi no Ko.

The 50 year old man who works for the Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau has been charged by prefectural police for his role in allegedly carrying out the assault against his coworker.

When interviewed by the Mainichi Shimbun, the Legal Affairs Bureau declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation.

Oshi no Ko is a popular series in both Japan and the west, the series follows a pair of twins who are actually reincarnated fans of a popular idol. However their new mother was killed and the two enter the idol industry to live their dreams and solve the mystery of their mother’s murder.

The series is written by Aka Akasaka, who’s also known as the creator of Kaguya-sama Love is war.

The series received an anime adaptation, with a new animated movie premiering this year in Japan.