Sketchy Chechens and the Anemic Biden Campaign

Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee (or a beer — we’re rolling into summer, after all), and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication! 

#1 – NEW Info About the Chechen Illegal Who Was Shot While Possibly Surveilling Special Ops Soldier’s NC Home — by Jennifer Van Laar

There are quite a few red flags in just that initial story.

First, most utilities send some kind of notice to residents that there will be workers/subcontractors out in the field who might access their property. This is an especially good idea in rural North Carolina, and an even better idea in an area so close to Fort Bragg/Liberty, where so many Special Forces soldiers live. Apparently there was no such notification in this case.

Second, generally utilities workers, even if subcontractors, wear some kind of identifying gear and/or reflective vests. Daraev was found 250 yards (more than the length of two football fields) from the roadway and along a power line, according to the MCSD. The Sandhills area of North Carolina (where Carthage is located) is extremely wooded and it’s strange that Daraev wasn’t at least be wearing a reflective vest, since that’s hunting country. It’s also interesting that MCSD doesn’t say what Daraev was wearing when he was shot. Was he wearing camouflage?

#2 – What the Biden Campaign Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Philly Audience — by Nick Arama

In his photos, you can see the people are all in the front of the gym, only about half of it is full and there’s a big press bandstand, then a whole press area with tables. The second photo on the top right shows most of the people although there may be a little more on the left that are not shown. I’ll leave it to you to assess how many people there were, but it wasn’t a lot. Certainly not “packed” or “huge.” Trump has more people waiting for him hours before his events start. 

In other words, as the GOP noted, Joe Biden couldn’t even fill up a school gym in Democrat-run Philadelphia.

#3 – Libertarian Chair Just Levels Biden Team After Their Hot Take About Rowdy Reaction to Trump Speech — by Nick Arama

Probably not the best reaction to have if the former president is gracious enough to accept the invitation and show up. It brought more attention to their convention and to their issues. That would have been the time to say, “Thank you for accepting the invite.” McArdle did, but part of the problem was the internal factions in the audience over the invites. 

One wonders if a president would do that again, given the mixed and rowdy nature of the reception. 

But perhaps the best capper for the event was the reaction from McArdle after the Biden-Harris HQ account — which is the campaign’s official rapid response account — tried to mock Trump and the reception he got. McArdle just leveled them.

#4 – ‘Calm and Steady’ Joe Biden Flips His Lid on a Reporter During Senility Filled Trip — by Bonchie

So calm. So steady. Can you feel the norms being restored at this very moment, watching the president berate a reporter he could have just ignored? You’ll notice he didn’t answer the question. Just an oversight, I’m sure. Thankfully, we’ve got a press corps ready and willing to defend their own. I’m sure a statement will be put out condemning Biden any millennia now. 

Can we talk about how he looks as well? What an awkward scene. You could feel the tension, as those around him forced a few fake laughs out and tried to play off what was happening around them. It was like Biden had been transported back to grade school. Did he even know where he was at that point? Certainly, his physical appearance as he hurled his silly insults was worrying, to say the least.

#5 – Cruz Flips the Script on Code Pink When They Try to Corner Him, Exposes What They’re Really About — by Nick Arama

She continued to shout after him. He turned and said that she was supporting people who murdered children. That ticked her off so much, that’s when she let the mask slip and claimed that both Israel and the U.S. were Nazis. 

Notice she doesn’t care about the Americans killed or the American hostages. She just cares about hating America, because that’s what this is really about. Code Pink is one of the groups who have said they want to try to disrupt the DNC Convention in August. They also plan to try to disrupt the RNC Convention.