Heroquest Jungles of Dethrak Pre-Order Available in August

A new HeroQuest quest pack is now available for pre-order. The recently revived board game has received new updates and expansions before, including the recent Rise of the Dread Moon. This new expansion, HeroQuest Jungles of Dethrak continues that active support.

The HeroQuest Jungles of Dethrak Pre-order announcement

According to an official press release, HeroQuest Jungles of Dethrak brings players into the dense jungle surrounding the mountains at World’s Edge. In this jungle, an ancient dwarven civilization has found new roots. But a sacred artifact held in Kellar’s Keep, prized by the dwarven refugees, has been stolen.

Ready to jump back in?

Because of this, a blight has infected the jungle to its roots. As a powerful Berserker or Explorer hero, players will traverse the jungles and discover the vile secrets within. But all may be lost if the truth behind this land and its past are not uncovered.

HeroQuest Jungles of Dethrak expansion will contain 16 new quests. Those quests will include a new choose-your-own-adventure mechanic where players can choose different paths leading to different endings. While other co-op board games have branching narratives based on player choice, this is a first for HeroQuest.

The expansion contains 36 illustrated cards, 29 detailed unpainted miniatures, and 29 double-sided cardboard pieces.

HeroQuest Jungles of Dethrak is the second major quest pack to release for this new era of the board game. After being discontinued in 2010 and a brief fan reprint in 2021, the HeroQuest line was brought back to retail thanks to a licensing deal with Hasbro. That licensing deal included the production of new expansions as well as organized play support.

HeroQuest Jungles of Dethrak will be available for pre-order August 1 on Amazon and fan retailers. It will be sold at an MSRP of $44.99. You will need a copy of the HeroQuest main game to use this new expansion.