A Cosmic Horror Video Game

Rotten Flesh, the brainchild of Steelkrill Studio and released on January 22, 2024, plunges us into a survival horror adventure set in the bowels of the sewers.

Amidst monstrous creatures and cosmic mysteries, in Rotten Flesh the player takes on the role of a protagonist tormented by the disappearance of his dog Roy, embarking on a journey into the depths to find him.

A Journey into Unease

The atmosphere of Rotten Flesh is a vortex of constant tension. The dark and claustrophobic sewers, amplified by eerie sounds and oppressive music, create a palpable sense of unease that envelops the player. The monstrous creatures, inspired by Lovecraftian myths, emerge from the darkness with terrifying designs, fueling the horror that permeates every corner of the game

Rotten Flesh

Gameplay in Light and Shadow

While the atmosphere of Rotten Flesh shines brightly, the gameplay presents some shadows. The dated graphics and unintuitive interface hinder the player’s immersion, creating moments of frustration. The controls, sometimes imprecise and clunky, make the gameplay less fluid and enjoyable, limiting the potential of an otherwise engaging experience. However, Rotten Flesh offers interesting gameplay elements, such as solving environmental puzzles and using rudimentary weapons to fight the monstrous creatures.

Rotten Flesh

A Mixed Experience with Hidden Potentia

While Rotten Flesh has the potential to be a truly memorable horror experience, some technical aspects hold it back. The idea of exploring a world steeped in cosmic horror is undeniably fascinating, and the plot, rich in mystery and suspense, is sure to captivate players. The unsettling atmosphere creates a constant sense of unease, further enhancing the horror experience. Despite some areas for improvement in the technical aspects, the game still delivers moments of genuine tension and fear, especially for lovers of the cosmic horror genre.

Rotten Flesh


Recommended for: Lovers of cosmic horror who are not too demanding from a technical point of view and who appreciate an unsettling atmosphere and a plot full of suspense.

Not recommended for: Players looking for a refined gaming experience with cutting-edge graphics and impeccable gameplay.

Forgiving cosmic horror fans will enjoy Rotten Flesh‘s atmosphere. If you crave a disturbing adventure and can tolerate dated aesthetics, Rotten Flesh offers an interesting experience. However, for players seeking cutting-edge graphics and flawless gameplay, this title might not be the best fit.

Steelkrill Studio


“Rotten Flesh, the brainchild of Steelkrill Studio and released on January 22, 2024, plunges us into a survival horror adventure set in the bowels of the sewers. “

  • Engrossing and unsettling atmosphere: The dark and claustrophobic sewers, eerie sounds, and oppressive music create a constant sense of tension that keeps the player glued to the screen.
  • Inspired and monstrous creatures: The enemies, inspired by Lovecraftian myths, are well-designed and genuinely terrifying, adding to the overall horror of the game.
  • Suspenseful and mysterious plot: The story of the protagonist, tormented by the disappearance of his dog, and his journey into the depths of the sewers to find him captures the player’s attention.
  • Dated graphics and unintuitive interface: The game’s technical aspects can be frustrating at times, hindering player immersion.
  • Imprecise and clunky controls: The gameplay is sometimes made less fluid and enjoyable by imprecise and clunky controls.
  • Undeveloped potential: Some aspects of the gameplay, such as puzzle-solving and combat, could be further developed.



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