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The Biden sheeple claim that the various lawfare crusades against Donald Trump aren’t political and that the venomous commander-in-chief has nothing to do with them. Yet, according to an ABC News reporter, there they were cheering the conviction of the former president on 34 trumped-up criminal charges of “business records falsification” or whatever garbage it is that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg drummed up. 

They’re gleefully celebrating a complete perversion of our justice system. It makes me think of a jealous couple on the Titanic, thrilled that their rivals have been tossed into the sea—not realizing they’re on the same ship and about to go down with it too.

Reporter Mary Bruce called the guilty verdicts a “a political gift to Democrats, a political gift to the president.” However, for the Dems, it may turn out to be a gift with nice shiny wrapping paper that actually contains something quite nasty inside, because this travesty of justice only seems to be waking up more and more Americans to what this rogue regime is really doing.

But in Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware campaign headquarters, it’s apparently party time.

Our team has heard that there were cheers inside the Biden headquarters in Wilmington as the verdict was read.


I have never watched this reporter, and I don’t know anything about her, but I can tell you that after she revealed that Biden folks were cheering the successful banana republic conviction of a former American president, she went into full-on spin mode going on about how Biden doesn’t want to appear “overly celebratory” and has stressed that he has “nothing to do with this.” If she keeps this up, she will likely climb the ranks at ABC and maybe even one day get her own MSNBC show. 

But Biden campaign drones weren’t the only ones celebrating—you knew that Hillary Clinton would have to weigh in with her Cheshire Cat grin and maybe a cackle or two, even though her husband committed far more derelictions of duty and she herself deleted official records using the software BeachBlit yet wasn’t charged by that tragic Hamlet-like figure, former FBI head James Comey. The double standards are mind-boggling.

What does the word “is” mean?

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Here is the former First Lady and Secretary of State acting like it’s all a joke, the fact that we’ve just seen our legal system lowered to fourth-world status:

I argued Thursday that while leftists might be rejoicing now, they may rue this day very soon because it will likely come back to bite them in the arse. Laugh now, ghouls—but the hangover is going to be a whopper:

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