Where Winds Meet Gameplay Trailer Showcases Combat, Setting, and More

Announced in 2022, Everstone Studio and NetEase Games’ open world Wuxia-inspired action RPG Where Winds Meet has been on a fair few radars, and after its recent showing at Sony’s State of Play presentation, it’s likely that it will have even more eyes on it.

The action RPG showcased a new gameplay trailer at the recent presentation, showing off its slick and aggressive martial arts combat, its visually captivating ancient China setting, and more. Outside of combat, martial arts skills can also bestow players with other magical abilities, from breathing fire to being able to leap like a giant frog, while the game is also promising varied traversal options, a vast world to explore, unique weapon types to choose from, and more. Check out its trailer below.

Where Winds Meet is in development for PS5 and PC. For more information on the game, make sure to check out our interview with its developers.