Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Launches on September 12th

After teasing a special announcement for today for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, Nacon has released a new trailer revealing its release date. It’s out on September 12th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Check out the latest gameplay below, which showcases various locales across Hong Kong Island and the various cars available.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has had a series of delays since its announcement in July 2020. Planned for September 2022, the racing title was then delayed to 2023, then early 2024. Though Nacon said it would launch before April, that didn’t happen, and we’re now here. Pre-orders are now available for all platforms, with the retail price set at $59.99.

Set in a 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island, with over 600 kilometers of roads, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown features 14 districts. Players can join one of two factions – the Streets and the Sharps – each having a unique headquarters, cosmetics and more. Alongside speed traps and other challenges, there are Wrecks where players can collect parts and assemble “iconic cars.” Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully additional gameplay in the months leading to release.