Every PlayStation State of Play SGF 2024 Announcement

Today the PlayStation State of Play is launching giving us 30+ minutes of news and previews of games coming to the Sony PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2. While it was only announced yesterday there’s already plenty of buzz around the 14 PS5 and PSVR2 titles that will be releasing in the future.

The internet has already started acting up making predictions about what we might see of familiar faces like Atreus, Aloy, and Astrobot. Whether we’ll get to see Silent Hill 2 here, or have to wait another hour until the Silent Hill Transmission. We of course wouldn’t be ready for an SGF presentation if people weren’t also wondering what if this is the time for Bloodborne or Hollow Knight: Silksong to make an appearance. Putting aside all rumors though we’re here to cover the events of the show itself.

Every State of Play Announcement

Concord – Firewalk

Kicking off the presentation Asad Qizilbash invited Firewalk to talk about their upcoming title Concord. Before seeing gameplay a trailer was shown detailing some of the characters players would meet. The trailer, set in Crater City, shows a crew of misfits in a diner. Enjoying food, discussing plans, and checking out the jugebok.

Getting interrupted a brawl starts as hot sauce is thrown into the air and shot at. Some abilities we see from characters including the ability to jump high, create diamond skin, and throw exploding fire pellets. The large robot companion uses a vacuum weapon to draw a key item towards him before the structure they’re on falls to pieces sending them falling from the sky.