Biden Foments Division As He Accuses Trump of Wanting to Tear Gas Black People – RedState

President Joe Biden continues to debase himself as he tries to divide the American people by using race relations as a cudgel to try to convince voters that he’s fit for another term in office. Yet, his inflammatory rhetoric seems from a different (far worse) era, and he seems to want to inflame his listeners rather than bring them together.

RedState’s Nick Arama brought you the slurring soliloquy:

Um, what?

Biden Remarks in Philly Are a Slurring Race-Baiting Mess, With Mind-Bending Brain Breaks

It’s pretty sick, desperate stuff, courtesy of the guy who once said, “You ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him.

Speaking at Girard College, a predominantly black preparatory boarding school in Philadelphia in an attempt to shore up his faltering African-American voter base, the president angrily spewed venom at his challenger for the presidency, Donald Trump. You could almost see the spittle flying:

Let me ask you. What do you think he would have done on January 6 if black Americans had stormed [the Capitol]? Think about this. What would happen with black Americans just storming the capital. I don’t think he’d be talking about pardons. 

The same guy wanted to tear gas you as you peacefully protested George Floyd’s murder—the same guy.


At least 19 people were killed during the George Floyd/BLM protests in 2020, while the only murder directly attributable to the events of Jan. 6 was Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by a Capitol Police officer. (There were several other deaths in the same timeframe, but none could be conclusively tied to the actions, despite what liberal outlets will tell you.)

Meanwhile, the 2020 riots took place across the country and caused at least $1 billion in damage, making it one of the costliest uprisings in U.S. history. One year after J6, meanwhile, the US Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia estimated damage from that event caused a comparatively paltry $1.5 million. 

Mostly peaceful, my arse. 

Biden wasn’t done, however, as he tried to paint America as a country that it hasn’t been since at least the 1960s:

[Trump] …is that landlord who denies housing application because of the color of your skin.

That racially inspired shot is likely a reference to a 1973 Justice Department lawsuit against Trump’s father Fred and a young Donald himself, who were accused of discriminating against black tenants in the 1960s in their housing developments. In a 2016 New York Times hit piece against Trump as he was battling Hillary Clinton for the presidency, the liberal rag was forced to admit, “…there has been no suggestion of racial bias toward prospective residents in the luxury housing that Mr. Trump focused on as his career took off in Manhattan in the 1980s.” Oh. 

They also noted:

While there is no evidence that Mr. Trump personally set the rental policies at his father’s properties, he was on hand while they were in place, working out of a cubicle in Trump Management’s Brooklyn offices as early as the summer of 1968.

Working out of a cubicle in 1968—56 years ago? This is what they’re using to prove Trump is a racist when Biden has a plethora of much more recent racially dubious comments on his record?

Biden made similar incendiary racial remarks at his poorly received commencement address at HBCU Morehouse College on May 19, where he claimed that America has failed the black community. 

Inspiring hatred:

What Joe Biden Did at Morehouse College Wasn’t Just Dishonest, It Was Pure Evil

RedState’s Bonchie didn’t hold back:

Biden doesn’t care, though. He doesn’t care if he pits neighbors and friends against each other. He doesn’t care if he sets racial reconciliation back decades in America. All that matters is that he and his family get to keep profiting off of the presidency. Only someone with no moral center would do what he’s doing. Biden is simply evil. 

Biden no longer cares about the country, he no longer cares about black people, and he no longer cares about you. All he cares about is winning, and he will divide and even destroy this country if he has to. He seems hellbent on fomenting a race war even when it’s wholly unwarranted; despite his thuggish antics, we’ve made more progress than any other society in history to create equality.

He is betraying the soul of this nation, and he’s doing so with that creepy Joker-like grin, all while claiming to be acting on a higher moral calling. Back in his Senate days and during his term as vice president, I considered him a harmless buffoon. Never in my wildest nightmares did I ever imagine this untalented, below-average intellect would turn out to be a despotic hate-monger of the highest order. Even if the American people miraculously come to their senses and kick him out of office come November, he will have done incalculable damage to the nation. His ongoing attempts to incite hatred within our people will be remembered in the books as a stain on our legacy.

They even tried to gaslight you on the crowd size:

What the Biden Campaign Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Philly Audience