Best Google Pixel 8A Deals: Trade-In Deals and New Contract Offers

If you’re looking for a great budget phone that doesn’t skimp on the features, then the Google Pixel 8A is an excellent choice. While the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are the main flagship phones thanks to things like a host of new AI features, the Pixel 8A still brings with it plenty of excellent features, but for a price tag that starts at $499. We’ve gone ahead and found some deals that’ll make it even more affordable too. 

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The Pixel 8A has many of the same features as the line’s current flagship model, from similar battery life to comparable processors. It also boasts the ability to run Audio Magic Eraser, Best Take and Gemini Nano model, which is something that Google’s budget-tier phones haven’t been set to handle in the past. In fact, these phones even provide the same display brightness as the standard Pixel 8, offering up to 2,000 nits of brightness (1,400 nits in HDR). The Pixel 8A is fairly close in size to the line’s flagship, too. The Pixel 8 has a 6.2-inch display, while the 8A comes in at 6.1 inches. 

How much does the Pixel 8A cost? 

The base 128GB model starts at $499. Or you can double your storage to the 256GB model for just $60 more.

What colors does the Pixel 8A come in?

The Pixel 8A comes in four colors: aloe (light green), bay (light blue), obsidian (black) and porcelain (white). 

Best Pixel 8A deals

We’ve searched the web for all of the best Pixel 8A deals to help you score an upgrade at a solid price. We’ll keep updating this page as more deals drop, so check back often. 

Best Buy are running their usual trade-in deals here, which means that you can take a huge chunk off the Pixel 8A depending on what phone you hand over. Technically you could get up to $750 off if you trade in something like an iPhone 15 Max, but they won’t take that because it makes no sense. So, select what device you can trade, and you’ll be rewarded with money off. 

Target don’t have any specific deals on right now, but you can save 5% if you’ve got a Target Circle card. It’s not a big saving, but we’re never going to say no to money off. 

Verizon currently has an online-only offer on where you can get the Pixel 8A for free if you commit to a 36-month contract with them on the Unlimited plan. This has to be for a new line though, so keep that in mind. 

AT&T has a special offer on right now where you can get the Google Pixel 8A for just $6 a month on an unlimited plan, then add the Pixel Watch 2 to your cart, and you’ll get it free via bill credits over the next 36 months. It’s not a bad way to upgrade your smart tech if you don’t mind the commitment. 

T-Mobile is currently offering you the chance to get a Google Pixel 8A for free, but there are caveats.

Getting a free phone means buying the Pixel 8A on a monthly plan and then adding a new line. Most plans are included in the deal, and you’ll get the cost of the phone back in bill credits across the 24-month contract term.

You can also buy a Pixel 8A and then trade in an old device to get up to $500 off. All the heavy hitters are included and any iPhone 11 or newer or Samsung Galaxy S9 or newer will get you the full $500 credit.