What We Can Learn From Europe’s Immigration Woes – RedState

This July, general elections will be held in the U.K. and it’s predicted that “without an act of God”, the conservative party that has held power for the last 14 years will be outed. 

Rishi Sunak, the current leader of the party and Prime Minister of the U.K. had until January of next year to call for elections and surprised everyone with the snap summer election. ABC News Foreign Correspondent James Longman gave a rather discouraging description of the moment.

I have to say, it was all rather depressing. He stood in the rain outside Downing Street. He didn’t look like a man about to announce an election; he actually sounded like he was about to resign. There was one point, someone with a speaker phone down the end of Downing Street played “Things Can Only Get Better,” which was the theme tune to the 1997 Labour winning election campaign. So the whole thing was pretty miserable. I think the Labour Party, the opposition, will be very happy about this, the beginning of this election. But look, it’s been 14 years of conservative control in Britain. Most people assume that they’re not going to win the election. He’s trying to take the bull by the horns, if you like. But it wasn’t a very confident start.

The complaints with the U.K. conservative party have a lot to do with performance, unfulfilled promises, and a general feeling of ‘stagnancy’. However, there is an added element that is not considered. 

Just recently, Mothin Ali, of the Green party (a left-wing party in the UK whose focus is primarily on environmentalism) was seen celebrating his victory of being elected to the city council yelling “Allahu Abkar!” and claiming the victory for “the people of Gaza”.

Europe has seen immigration levels to such an extent that they have essentially committed suicide on their own identity and values. These people do not desire to assimilate, they desire to dominate. 

In 1961, the demographics of London were 97% British white. That number in 2021 is reduced to 36%. No society can withstand that rapid change in such a short period of time. While some would make this an argument about race, it’s actually about ideology. Giving someone residency does not guarantee their heart shares the same values as the country they come to. Diversity is a wonderful thing for a community until it becomes dominance. 

In a recent clash with Senator Ted Cruz, an activist is heard saying “The United States and Israel are Nazis!” 

I remember learning about WWII in my middle school classroom. I still remember where I was and how the world seemed to stop when I read Anne Frank’s diary for the first time. Never in a million years would I have thought that a person would one day call my own country these slurs, much less be celebrated. 

Would anyone who listens to this person believe that she loves the country she lives in? Understands us? Why is she even here? 

It has become more brazen than that. In the recent college protest catastrophes, our own American flag was taken down and a Palestinian flag was raised in its place. What country is this? Where is the outrage? And how inept do you have to be as an educator or leader in this country to allow this and let it go without discipline? Thankfully, NYPD removed the flag and replaced it with an American flag. We are still waiting for condemnatory remarks from Pro-Hamas leaders who serve on our college boards or as elected officials across the nation. 

On Memorial Day, Rep. Ilhan Omar revealed that she didn’t even know the meaning of the day in a tweet that now has since been deleted. This is someone who has shown that at best she doesn’t understand us but at worst she is Anti-American. More often than not, it’s the latter. Yet she is an elected official in our country. 

Canada vows to bring in more Gazan refugees than they recently agreed upon, and Biden even hinted at the thought briefly, though it’s unimaginable that he would be so audacious this close to an election. These are people who supported the terrorist regime that burned babies alive. Several hostages reported that crowds of civilians rushed to hit them and curse them as they rode into Gaza as trophies and prisoners of war. Women, children, elderly.

Perhaps it is time that we as a country start to consider not just the number of immigrants, but the kind. Is it really so malicious to only want like-minded people to come and be part of our communities? 

Immigration has contributed to making America the special place that it is. We should be proud of our heritage and being the only country of our kind with such diversity. But with record levels of illegal immigration, calls for border security, as well as calls for much-needed immigration reform– it’s time we start being frank about what we want for the future of this country.

A Quinnipiac poll showed that only 55% of Americans surveyed said that they would stay and fight for their country if under attack. While the poll did not specifically include information regarding immigration, I wonder how many first-generation Americans who have legally immigrated would answer that they would defend this country they now call home. If someone desires to come make their life here but does not believe in our values enough to fight for them, we should strongly reconsider their entry and their reason for entry. 

That isn’t to say that we can’t still be a safe haven for those who believe differently, but what they believe needs to be clearly defined and even at that, the number admitted should be closely monitored and kept narrow. We should be unashamed to have certain expectations in ideology, unless we plan to end up like the U.K., changing our identity to suit the newcomers. 

Talking about these things frankly has become taboo. People are afraid to be called a “racist” if they say it. Race and ideology are separate things and this has nothing to do with the color of skin. It’s not racist to say you love what your country stands for. We cannot continue to be the shining light that we are if we lose our identity. 

What’s done is done in Europe. There is no way to undo it. We still have a chance to preserve our American heritage but we must be brave enough to make a stand. We only have one shot at this, no do-overs.