Everything New Announced at PaizoCon 2024

This past weekend, Paizo Inc. held PaizoCon 2024. This online convention is dedicated to beloved fans of the Pathfinder and Starfinder series, featuring developers discussing upcoming products and features coming to the popular TTRPGs. These panels did discuss products already announced, but also revealed new products and information.

The PaizoCon 2024 Announcements

PaizoCon 2024 opened with a keynote speech by Paizo’s own Erik Mona. In the speech, Mona briefly discusses previously announced products. These include the Pathfinder Remastered books, the hotly anticipated Tian Xia sourcebooks, the War of Immortals event, the Howl of the Wild supplement, and Starfinder Second Edition.

So many interesting people to use.

It is in the dedicated panels that more details emerged. When discussing the Remastered project, Jon Morgantini, Logan Bonner, James Case, Josh Birdsong, Luis Loza described what would be coming in the Player Core 2 book.

They confirm a brand new dragonblood ancestry. It is a versatile ancestry with four different lineages. Its ancestry feats will include breath weapons, claws, and being able to change into a dragon.

The Barbarian and Champion got major changes for character classes. Barbarians can Rage at start of initiative as well as rage multiple times in combat. Champion abilities are no longer tied to alignment, but focus more on causes. This means certain spells and abilities can be chosen more freely.

This PaizoCon 2024 panel ends with a new book announcement. Pathfinder NPC Core is a book packed with NPCs for GMs to use in their campaigns. Thieves, villains, dwarves, elves, regular citizens living their lives, the list goes on. It will release Spring 2025.

During the Tian Xia panel, James Case, Ruvaid Virk, Eleanor Ferron, Ianara Natividad explains what players can anticipate. They confirm the Character Guide will contain six new ancestries. These include the new tiefling Hungerseed Heritage, which ties your bloodline to Oni, as well as trickster Kitsune.

In addition, there are new martial arts-themed feats. These include various Wuxia-inspired abilities like water walking and limited flight. There are also more fantastical acts like growing in size or summoning evil spirits. The Tian Xia Character Guide will release in August.

Promotional artwork from PaizoCon 2024 featuring artwork of Mortal Heralds from Godsrain Prophecies
Heralds of Cayden are here? Great.

For those interested in War of Immortals, the PaizoCon 2024 Godsrain panel contained some new information. The panel does confirm that new gods and demigods will be introduced in the upcoming books, as well as some changes to pantheons and holy symbols.

The panel also introduces two new god-oriented groups. Covenants are similar to pantheons but are for other entities. An example is the Endless Skies covenant where a group of minor air entities empowers the player. Second is Mortal Heralds, a new player archetype where you become an avatar of a god.

Lastly, the panel confirms that the Godsrain will bring back Mythic player options for Pathfinder Second Edition. As the name implies, these options make iconic characters even more impressive. They include not just feats but spells, weapons, and armor.