PlayStation Event Coming This Week, Will be a State of Play – Rumour

Recent weeks have brought multiple reports claiming that Sony has a PlayStation event planned for the month of May, though there hasn’t been much clarity on whether that event will be a PlayStation Showcase, a smaller State of Play presentation, or something else entirely. Now, a prominent leaker may have offered some more insight on that front.

Known insider NateTheHate recently took to Twitter and claimed in response to a question that Sony’s May event is “still on track”. As per the insider, the event is scheduled to happen sometime early this week, and though many have expected that it’ll be a PlayStation Showcase, as per NateTheHate, it’s actually going to be a State of Play presentation, which means it’s likely to be a smaller-scale event.

Nonetheless, if leaks are to be believed, plenty of major announcements and updates are lined up for the show, including a new Astro Bot game being announced for PS5, upcoming sci-fi PvP shooter Concord receiving an update, the recently-leaked LEGO Horizon Adventures being unveiled, and a release date finally being announced for the Silent Hill 2 remake.

Whether or not any of these leaks turn out to be accurate remains to be seen, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more updates, so stay tuned.