Doopliss name location in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Doopliss Name Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

If you’re wondering how to guess Doopliss’ name in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, we’ve got you covered with its exact location and instructions on how to get there.

The fourth chapter of the game is many players’ favorite part. This is thanks to the partner you recruit, the boss you have to fight, and the plot line in general being unique. In it, Mario’s name is stolen by a ghost named Doopliss, and you have to recover a missing letter from the Creepy Steeple to get it back. 

Where to find Doopliss name

Doopliss Name Location

In order to break Doopliss’ curse on Mario, you must guess his name. Even if you know his name ahead of time, it’s impossible to get a one-up on him because Doopliss has taken the lowercase “p” from the keyboard. To recover the letter, you’ll need Vivian, who will appear alongside her sisters in Twilight Town once Mario’s name has been stolen. She needs to find a Superbombomb for her sisters, which is located in one of the nearby tufts of grass (alongside a Star Piece and a few other items). After finding the item, you can flee from Doopliss and then head back to the Creepy Steeple. From there, you will need to enter the well and push the bars forward. Then use Vivian’s shadow ability to let the bars pass you on the way down. From there, continue into the well and you will eventually find a panel in the floor to ground pound through. Do so, and then head right and use Tube Mode to roll under the floor.

You’ll now be in a room with a parrot. There is a Star Piece under a floorboard nearby, so use a Spin Jump to grab it. Then open the yellow chest on the left to find the missing letter “p” of Doopliss’ name. You will also need to talk to the parrot and then use Vivian’s shadow ability to get the parrot to say Doopliss’ full name. Exit the room and use the Super Hammer to reveal a shortcut pipe back to Twilight Town. If you’re looking for more shortcut pipes, check out our guide on finding and activating the pipe room in Rogueport Sewers while you’re at it!

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is available now for Switch. You can access the official site here.

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