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There have been some disturbing incidents of foreigners trying to probe or penetrate military bases. 

I wrote previously about the incident with the two Jordanian nationals who tried to breach Virginia’s Marine Corps Base Quantico. That happened on May 3, but then didn’t start to reach media for another 11 days. We still have not heard all the details on that incident. The two men were also reportedly here illegally, and that raised even more questions about Joe Biden’s lack of border security. 


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But now there’s another incident that is raising questions, a shooting, also from May 3, near Fort Liberty, outside the home of a Special Forces officer’s home in Carthage, Tennessee, at about 8:15 p.m. 

According to the police, a 911 call reported a suspicious person “taking photos on the property,” and said that he “became aggressive toward a resident outside of their home.” An altercation ensued and then the “suspicious person” was shot and killed. He’s since been identified as Ramzan Daraev, 35, a Chechen man who had lived in Chicago. Authorities found another Chechen man in a car nearby. 

Fox’s Jennifer Griffin says they found no records in national databases for either of the two Chechen men, and she says she has been told that they were here illegally:

Griffin said the phones collected at the scene have now been taken to an army base for analysis. 

According to Griffin, Daraev reportedly was working as a subcontractor for Utilities One, a New Jersey company; investigators are still trying to verify his employment status. But he had no utility equipment or identification with him in TN, and wasn’t in utility company clothing.

Griffin explained they had repeatedly reached out to Utilities One but they weren’t responding to Fox’s inquiries. 

Griffin said U.S. Special Operations forces have been reporting suspicious surveillance of them and their families, and the military has seen an uptick of foreigners probing on or near military bases. She had a clip of Adm. Daryl Caudle saying they had incidents “two or three times a week,” in which they were stopping foreign nationals “at the gate.” That is incredibly concerning. But Joe Biden seems unconcerned about our national security. 

The family of Daraev claims he was shot in “cold blood,” and has started a petition calling for “justice” for him on Change.Org. They said he left Russia “not realizing that the greatest injustice against him would be done in a free country, where, in theory, he should have received protection.”


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