Strange Horticulture Sequel Strange Antiquities Officially Announced

Bad Viking and Iceberg Entertainment have announced a followup to Strange Horticulture titled Strange Antiquities, and if you loved the first game’s blend of cozy atmosphere and spooky horror, you’re in for a treat, it seems.

Strange Horticulture put you in charge of a shop selling all kinds of curious plants, and if you cared to uncover it, there was a spooky mystery lurking underneath the light puzzling as well.

It looks like Strange Antiquities will continue that theme, only this time, your shop deals in curiosities of all stripes, not just botanical ones. It’ll be set in the same town as Horticulture, though, so shop real estate must be insanely valuable there.

Are you ready to inherit your very own antiquities shop in Strange Antiquities?

Like its predecessor, Antiquities will marry that peculiar kind of atmosphere you encounter in Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe-style places with an undercurrent of intrigue and macabre horror.

Residents of Undermere will come to you for help with various problems, and you’ll need to help them unravel the mysteries of the objects they bring in, as well as objects you discover through other means.

The story begins when a flock of ravens begin circling Undermere, upon which occult expert Verona Green journeys to Undermere to talk things over with thaumaturge Eli White.

Things go awry, though, and Undermere soon finds itself drawn into yet another mystery that only you can solve. You can watch the (admittedly brief) Strange Antiquities reveal trailer right here.

If you haven’t played Strange Horticulture, you should still be able to understand Antiquities, but it’ll likely contain some references that might go over your head.

Besides which, Strange Horticulture is pretty great, so if you’re interested in what you see here and you haven’t played the first game yet, I’d strongly recommend you do so.

Strange Antiquities will arrive on PC when it launches, although no release window has been revealed yet. You can take a look at our review of Strange Horticulture here if you want a refresher course.