Bread & Fred launch trailer

Bread & Fred, the rage-inducing co-op platformer from SandCastles Studio and Apogee Entertainment, is back with a launch trailer. The title joined the lineup of games on Switch this week.

Bundle up with a buddy, hand them a Joy-Con, and embark on a relationship-testing chilly co-op climbing adventure featuring penguin pals Bread and Fred. Waddle over wild obstacles at record speed in ten all-new time trials against Pol the Polar Bear, the mountaintop’s newest cuddly competitor, and unlock new race paths after every victory.

Perform perfectly-timed tandem leaps and landings while attached at the hip of a pint-sized penguin partner to scale snow-capped slippery slopes. Anchor down and wind up a well-timed jump to slingshot the pair across massive gaps, then cling and swing from wall to wall to reach new heights.

One, two, three, go! Wait… are we jumping on ‘go’ or jumping on ‘three’? Every icy obstacle requires a coordinated effort to conquer. Get in sync with in-game emojis and countdown timers to make harrowing hops over the icy abyss. Strive to become simpatico or risk plunging face-first into the depths, forced to re-conquer previous peaks.

Partnered penguins can test their paired prowess in Speedrun Mode for a chance at the Bread & Fred online hall of fame. Climbers craving a solo trek can brave the unforgiving elements with help from silent-but-sturdy companion Jeff the Rock.

Discover rewarding sidequests on the way up to the summit. Track down Beakville’s favorite boy band burrowed across the mountaintop — The Backstreet Moles — and unlock new music with each rescued musician. Locate lore-filled photos and piece together an adorable story, play mini-games, and don dozens of themed skins fit for every occasion.

Continue on below for a look at the Bread & Fred launch trailer.

Apogee Entertainment is now distributing Bread & Fred on the Switch eShop.