Seven Knights Idle Adventure drafts in assistance from King of Fighters 98

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is opening up more stages, passing the 15k mark, and players may find themselves in need of more help to clear these higher stages. Well, the cavalry has arrived with the introduction of the Legendary Hero Iris, as well as a collaboration with King Of Fighters 98.

Our first of two collaboration fighters is Kyo Kusanagi, a Legendary melee-type hero. Thanks to his active skill, his critical hit rate will gradually increase as he damages enemies, making him perfect for longer engagements. If his opponent gets burnt then any damage dealt is amplified further, giving players a nice addition to any burn teams.

Following in this footsteps is Mai Shiranui, a perfect partner to Kyo. Also a Legendary melee hero, she can decrease the evasion stat of multiple enemies, and bestow a burn debuff on them. Both effects are perfect to set them up for a beatdown by Kusanagi. Mai is more than capable of staying in the fight herself though, as her active skill is the same as Kyo, increasing her critical hit rate when batters foes.

To commemorate this collaboration, there will be multiple events to complete lasting through May 29th. Starting with the King of Fights 98 Collab Special Check-in Event, anyone who simply logs in can pick up both these characters for free. Day 1 will net you Mai Shiranui, whereas Kyo Kusanagi will come shortly after on Day 4. You will also rack up Collab Hero Selection Tickets on days 7, 10, and 14.

If you need more copies of the characters, then you can get yourself a second Mai through the King of Fighters 98 Collab Challenger Pass, also available until May 29th. Finally, you can simply throw money at the problem and try your luck with the Special Rate Up Event, giving you a higher chance to summon these collab heroes.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.