Coxeta is an overlooked mobile rhythm game from Team Rythmical

  • Coxeta is a rhythm game that’s been sadly overlooked
  • Coming from team Rhythmicals, it hasn’t yet seen a global release
  • But like many games at Play4X, we finally got the chance to take a good look at it

Coxeta, a rhythm game released in 2020 for mobile, was showcased at the Play4X. And like many of the games shown off at the conference, it’s one that we’ve sadly overlooked until now. But with the game being shown in full, we get the chance to see what this underrated game is really about.

If you’ve played games like Beatstar, then this sort of format will be very familiar – although rhythm game purists will more closely recognise the kind of gameplay that Coxeta offers. For example, you have a much faster pace of gameplay, and even a story!

Yes, that’s right, a rhythm game with a story. So if you’re disappointed with the lack of depth to something like Beatstars for whatever reason, now you can engage with a whole host of characters as you blast your way through Coxeta.

Move to the rhythm

Despite being released in 2020, Coxeta has only garnered around 180,000 downloads from Google Play in the regions it has released. Like many of the games shown at Play4X, it hasn’t yet seen a global release being only available in the Southeast, and one of the stated reasons that Team Rhythmical is at the conference is to look into releasing in other regions.

So could Coxeta get a proper global release? Here’s hoping – we think this is just one of many great games spotted from the Play4X conference, and it looks to be well worth a play.

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