Attack on Titan Revolution Prestige – Scroll & Memories Guide

Attack on Titan Revolution features a prestigious system that allows players to unlock new character slots with additional buffs and bonuses. By earning over 3.5 million EXP and above, players can achieve various Prestige levels and unlock corresponding character slots. Here’s everything you need to know about how prestige and the Memory system work in AoTR.

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Attack on Titan Revolution Prestige Scroll and Memory System Guide

Upon each Prestige in Attack on Titan Revolution, players unlock a Memory Slot and receive a random Memory. The type of Memory obtained is influenced by the skill tree path the player has invested in. So, if you have focused on the Offense Skill tree, you are most likely going to get an Offense Memory over a Defense Memory, but it is not guaranteed.

Accessing memories can be done through Play > Equipment > Prestige.

Image: Attack on Titan Revolution Trello

Attack on Titan Revolution Prestige Guide

How to Prestige?

According to the Attack on Titan Revolution Trello board, you need the following amount of EXP to Prestige:

  • 3,518,115 EXP required for Prestige 1. Unlocks character slot B
  • 5,579,397 EXP required for Prestige 2. Unlocks character slot C
  • 8,062,125 EXP required for Prestige 3.

However, take it at face value, as the Prestige Trello card itself is labeled with “Content Needs Updating.”

Additional Perks for Prestiging in AoTR

By achieving Prestige, players gain permanent luck/XP/gold boosts, a special talent based on the chosen skill tree path, and an increased level cap for more skill points. Additionally, a higher chance of obtaining a legendary spin is granted after landing on the epic pity by 5%.

Attack on Titan Revolution Memories Guide

Memories are available for each of the skill trees: Offense, Support, and Defense. Each tree offers different skills associated with it; here’s a list of all memories in AoTR:

All Memories in Attack on Titan Revolution

Roblox Attack On Titan Offense Defense Support Memories
mage: Try Hard Guides / Attack on Titan Revolution Trello

Offense Memories

Prestige 3 Stars

  • Quakestrike: Increases Damage by 1.5% per kill, resets after blade reload
  • Furyforge: Boosts Damage by 0.4% for every 1% of Health lost

Prestige 2 Stars

  • Stalwart: Increases Blade Durability by 3% for each broken segment

Prestige 1 Star

  • Crescendo: Deals 20% more Damage to stunned Titans
  • Blitzblade: Holding down M1 increases total Damage
  • Swiftshot: 25% faster refilling

Support Memories

Prestige 3 Stars

  • Omnirange: Ranged skills now affect every player on the map
  • Vitalize: Healing a teammate also boosts Damage by 25% for both players
  • Flashstep: Flips/Dashes now have I-Frames

Prestige 2 Stars

  • Lifefeed: Killing a titan heals for 3% of HP

Prestige 1 Star

  • Cooldown Blitz: Skill Cooldown Reduction increases by 10%
  • Mendmaster: Gains extra bandages upon refilling gas and blades

Defense Memories

Prestige 3 Stars

  • Resilience: Ignore up to 1 killing blow per match
  • Vengeflare: Reflect 50% of incoming damage for 20 seconds while Tough As Nails is active

Prestige 2 Stars

  • Aegisurge: Gain a temporary shield with 15% of HP for 20 seconds after killing a titan

Prestige 1 Star

  • Guardian: Ignore 2 injuries per match
  • Deflectra: 5% chance to ignore incoming damage

Attack on Titan Revolution Prestige Scroll Guide

Roblox Attack On Titan Prestige Scroll
Image: Attack on Titan Revolution Trello

What Is a Prestige Scroll?

Prestige Scrolls are used for re-rolling memories. Upon gaining a Prestige, if the received memory is not satisfactory to your tastes or playstyle, players can acquire a Prestige Scroll to roll for a new one. Each use provides 3 new memories to choose from, with the option to keep the current memory if the new options are not desirable.

How Do You Get a Prestige Scroll?

There are currently two ways to get a Prestige Scroll in Attack on Titan Revolution:

  • Available as a 1% mission drop from Aberrant
  • Can be bought from the shop for 3999 Gems