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Who are the best families in Attack on Titan Revolution? Read on to find out! You’ll have to get very lucky if you want to spin one of these family names.

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Attack on Titan Revolution Best Families

Call me predictable, but the 2 best families are indeed the ones you’d expect. I’m not biased though! These families truly are the strongest in the entire game thanks to their stat boosts and abilities.


Are we surprised that the Ackerman family is one of the best ones? Nope! Levi Ackerman is by far one of the most popular characters by far, so it only makes sense. As for why I’ve picked him as one of the best families, there are plenty of reasons (and not just because he’s my favourite character in the series).

Firstly, those in the Ackerman family get a bunch of buffs regarding their ODM, movability, and damage. I went more in detail in our Attack on Titan Revolution Families guide, but I’ll summarise it here! Ackerman members get a boost to their ODM gas, range, and control.

On top of that, they also get a boost to their DMG, crit DMG, and crit chance. Oh, and don’t forget the double jump and +1 dash, allowing you to move much more in combat. Ackerman members also gain access to Rage Mode, which boosts the ODM stats even more. Plus, Let it RIP and Swift Strikes, both being very strong AoE moves!


Eren Yeager! Yes, the Yeager family have made it into my top 3. No, it’s not because Eren is the main character. As a member of the Yeager family, you’re granted access to fantastic skills, a strong passive, and some neat stat boosts.

Your Attack Titan stat gets a boost, as well as your overall crit chance. Additionally, the cooldown time of your Titan Shifting ability is reduced too. In need of some extra perks? Well, Yeager members get a +1 perk slot instantly.

As for the skills, you unlock Berserk, Boosted Regen, and the Invigorate passive. The latter allows you to revive when you die against a Titan. Berserk gives your DMG a boost and regenerates your HP, whereas Boosted Regen restores your HP in full, as well as some regeneration to your gas!