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I’m here to solve the mystery of the Attack on Titan Revolution artifacts! Not sure what they are? No problem. Don’t know how to obtain them? I’ve covered that too!

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Attack on Titan Revolution Artifacts

Artifacts are a bit of a mystery at the moment in Attack on Titan Revolution. To me, they work similarly to the artifacts you obtain in Genshin Impact – wildly different games, I know!

What are Artifacts?

However, what makes it different from Genshin, is that the stat rerolls don’t increase the levels of said artifact. They simply just reroll the additional stat. This gets pricey if you reroll multiple times, as the cost averages around 22.5K+ per roll.

The extra stat can sometimes be useless, with ‘no stat’ being a common drop. There are even rolls that decrease one of your stats too, such as ODM Damage reduction. Once you’re happy with the extra stat, you can click the padlock icon to lock it in place. This means you won’t accidentally reroll it!

There are multiple artifact slots, such as Head, Neck, etc. They range from 3-star to 5-star, with 4-star being a strong middle ground – especially as 5-star artifacts are rare.

How to Obtain Artifacts

Artifacts can be obtained via the achievements page! All you need to do is complete all of the achievements that appear on the page for each section. Once you’ve worked through all of the quests on the page, you can claim the artifact!

Keep in mind that this process takes a while, as achievement-hunting is extremely time-consuming. If you want all of the artifacts, you’re going to need to at least get to the late game.