This Stardew Valley mod turns Pelican Town into Baldur’s Gate 3

It seems that the Venn Diagram for gamers who love Stardew Valley and Baldur’s Gate 3 is just a circle. This Stardew Valley mod turns your Pelican Town into Baldur’s Gate 3, and it looks incredible.

Baldur’s Village mod brings BG3 into Stardew Valley

A modder named Xun, @XunHe1145 on Twitter/X, has consistently been updating and improving their Baldur’s Village mod for Stardew Valley that turns Pelican Town into Baldur’s Gate 3. This mod brings notable BG3 companions into Pelican Town as NPCs such as Astarion, Shadowheart, and Gale. While there are already plenty of Stardew Valley mods available, this is certainly one of the biggest modding projects yet.

Baldur’s Village not only introduces BG3 companions as NPCs, but it transforms the map and allows you to romance Astarion with a unique romance storyline. While it’s not yet on Nexus Mods, the small team of modders plan to release their mod to the public before the first anniversary of Baldur’s Gate 3’s release.

Although the project was announced back in April, Xun has updated fans of the mod through online posts such as this one. The team has added Halsin as a romanceable NPC, the map doubled in size, and they even added more NPCs to enrich the companions’ storylines.

It’s incredible to see such a small development team work so diligently on a huge mod such as this, and with over 12,000 likes already on this post it seems everyone is eager to support this mod. Speaking of support, I recommend you check out Xun’s Patreon so you can support the development of this mod if you so choose.

With it already being May, and the anniversary release of BG3 coming in just three months, you can expect to download this mod very soon. Unfortunately, the team’s main programmer pulled out for personal reasons, so they’re considering hiring professional outsourcing. This may lengthen the time of the project, but I can imagine Stardew Valley players are more than happy to wait for a dedicated project like this one.

Not only does Stardew Valley have a bevy of incredible mods such as Baldur’s Village, but so does BG3. We have our own list of the 10 best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods that you may find interesting.

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