Pro-Trump Moron Tries to Block Anti-Trump Film That He Funded

“He receives mail there. His driver’s license is registered there. His automobile is registered there. His voting registration is from there. His hunting, fishing, falconry, and wildlife rehabilitation licenses are from there. He pays rent to the owner,” the campaign said.

Clearly, that rent hasn’t been going toward mortgage payments: The home is currently in foreclosure for nonpayment, with its owner owing more than $45,000, according to court records reviewed by the New York Post. Kennedy says Moss and Haydock are in litigation regarding the foreclosure.

The DNC readily scooped up the mudslinging and released a statement following the Posts reporting, saying, “The more we learn about RFK Jr, the more questions we have. While he touts his physical fitness on the campaign trail, the New York Times reported that he had cognitive damage from mercury poisoning and that a parasite had eaten portions of his brain.”