Pokemon Go takes a step closer to real Pokemon thanks to upgraded AR tool

When Pokemon Go was first announced, one of the best concepts of the whole thing was having your favourite Pokemon follow you in the real world and be able to interact with them. To be frank, the AR Snapshot tool could have done a lot more to help with this, and thanks to Niantics’ latest update, it now does.

A big new addition to the camera is the ability to include up to three Pokemon in your pictures. Not enough for the full Eeveelution lineup just yet, but it is a start I suppose. You can select whoever you like or take inspiration from the available group sets. Perfect if you want a scrapbook of starter trios over the year.

For some better picture precision, you can now relocate your Pokemon in your photos. Place them on the ground, on an object, or even in the air. Great for making your Pidgey take flight, or if you are evil and want it to rain Clefairies. To get your friend’s attention, you can also take advantage of some new toys for them to interact with.

Another helpful update includes the burst mode, which as you expect takes a ton of photos at once. Combine this with the new toys or the flying, and you could get quite a few interesting action shots. You can also take advantage of the timer function to add a countdown to your camera, and perhaps get yourself in the image.

Niantic has added a host of other upgrades and innovations to make Pokemon GO an entirely new game lately. The character customisation has been streamlined and expanded to make the perfect you, and the world itself has been refreshed. Biomes will reflect different environments, Trainer battle screens have been updated, and the inclusion of buildings and hills gives the world a much more realistic feel.

Pokemon GO is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.