Palworld Confirmed for Summer Game Fest, Will Reveal “Some Long Awaited Features”

After Pocketpair was announced in the first round of partners for Summer Game Fest, the developer confirmed that Palworld will be present at the showcase. It teased a “LOT of exciting things to reveal,” including some “long awaited features.”

The upcoming Summer update will likely receive new details and gameplay, showcasing more of the new island, Pal species and weapons. However, Pocketpair could also go more in-depth with the Arena update, which adds 3v3 battles against other players when it goes live later this year. It could also announce a release on platforms like PS4 and PS5 since it was “in talks” for the same last March.

Palworld is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Check out our review for more details on the early access release and the latest update here, which buffs Alpha and Lucky Pals.

The Summer Game Fest showcase is on June 7th and is confirmed to feature 2K Games’ new title in one of its “biggest and most beloved franchises” (which could mean Borderlands 4 or the long-rumored Mafia 4). Stay tuned for more updates in the meantime.