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Even though the V Rising servers do contain not that many players, playing with them is not always possible. More precisely, you can only fight other vampires on PvP servers. As for playing together, you will have to use the Clans feature. Therefore, this guide will tell you how to make and join Clans in V Rising.

Clans are like a list of friends with whom you can develop together on the continent of Vardoran. However, this feature has some limitations that you should know about in advance.


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How to Make Clan in V Rising

Clan in V Rising

Foremost, Clans can be created on any of the three types of servers in V Rising. However, while playing with friends on PvE servers only affects the speed of your progress, on PvP and Hardcore PvP servers, it can determine your survival. Therefore, you should know how to create a Clan in V Rising:

  • Press the P key to bring up the Clan menu.
  • Then, type a name and description for it and click Create Clan.

It is as simple as it sounds. Although each Clan may have quite a few members, the advantages of this system are excellent. For example, players of the same Clan cannot attack each other, even on PvP servers. You will also have access to a convenient Clan chat. And finally, you and your friends can build a base together and share resources. So, if you want to play on a PvP server, especially a Hardcore one, you must create or join a Clan to survive.


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How to Join a Clan in V Rising

Clan in V Rising

It is important to note that each Clan can have no more than 4 members. In other words, you can only play with three friends. If you are keen to join an already existing Clan, you need to ask one of its members about it.

Players in V Rising cannot apply directly to join the Clan. Instead, you may only receive an invitation to join. To do this, a Clan member must know your in-game name. By opening the same Clan menu, they can send invitations to other players by the character’s name. And although joining other Clans can be a little difficult, the benefits of doing so are worth all your effort.

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May 17, 2022

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