Fortnite leak shows enormous new POI coming in Season 3

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With the next Fortnite season coming on Friday, we have a new leak that shows an upcoming map change. Once again, Epic Games will make some changes to the in-game island. While the entire map won’t be changed, many parts of it will be. According to the latest leak, we will get a new ship POI in Chapter 5 Season 3, and it will be massive!

The new season is set to start on May 24, and we likely won’t get any delays. Thanks to leaks, we have a good idea of what will come with Season 3, and in this article, we will take a detailed look at one of the biggest map changes.

The Fortnite map will get a massive new POI, leak shows

With the release of Fortnite Season 3, we expect Epic to change at least one corner of the map. This could either be a new biome or a complete makeover of the existing area. Considering that this is what the game developer has been doing for more than six years, we have no reason to believe that the next season won’t bring more changes to the in-game island.

According to Hypex, the most reputable Fortnite leaker, the new season will bring a massive new POI. It will be called the Sharkbait Ship and might be the biggest POI on the entire island.

The new Fortnite POI is massive, the leak shows. Image by Hypex, edited by VideoGamer

The image above shows a comparison between the upcoming ship and the yacht that was active in Chapter 5. As you can see, the new ship is much bigger, which will make it a prime landing spot. In addition to the yacht comparison, the image also shows the difference between a player’s size and the ship, making it look even more colossal.

At the moment, it’s unknown where this new location will be on the Fortnite map. However, considering that it will arrive with the sandstorm, we expect it to be on the edge of the island. With only four more days until Chapter 5 Season 3, we will most likely get even more leaks regarding the upcoming content.