Diablo 4 Players Discover ‘Unfinished Items’ While Playing Helltides


  • Diablo 4 players stumbled upon an unreleased Unique amulet called Eye of the Depths during gameplay in Helltides.
  • The unfinished item displays stats like movement speed boosts and critical strike chance, with a TBD effect and WIP inscription.
  • Blizzard has yet to address the presence of the amulet in the game, leaving players to wonder about its fate and impact.

Some Diablo 4 players have found an unreleased item while playing Helltides. One of the biggest charms of the Diablo franchise is the item variety that players can find, and it’s no different with Diablo 4. Diablo 4 players venture into Sanctuary and obtain a range of powerful items, creating the most diverse builds for them.

One of the item types available in Diablo 4 are the Unique amulets, considered the rarest and most powerful amulets in Blizzard’s game. Each Diablo 4 class has a Unique amulet, while the Banished Lord’s Talisman and the Melted Heart of Selig are Unique amulets for all classes. Getting a Unique item is not easy, with some Diablo 4 players finding them to be rare due to the high tier, but in this case, it’s also the fact that this one isn’t supposed to be in the game in its current state.


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An unfinished Diablo 4 Unique amulet appeared in the game while players were playing Helltides, as reported by Reddit user Rikukun. In the screenshot, they show an amulet called Eye of the Depths, a Unique Diablo 4 Barbarian item with the inscription “WIP,” or work in progress. While the item displays stats such as movement speed boosts and increased critical strike chance, the effect of the Unique amulet appears as “TBD” (to be determined). The same WIP inscription appears in the item’s description, indicating that it has made its way into the game ahead of time.

Diablo 4 Players Find an Item that Wasn’t Supposed to be in the Game Yet

The Eye of the Depths was originally datamined by Wowhead from the Diablo 4 Season 4 update, confirming the existence of the unique item. On the official Diablo 4 forum, other players report finding the Eye of the Depths amulet while playing Helltides. One of the players notes that they couldn’t salvage the Diablo 4 Unique item to obtain Resplendent Spark, a material used to improve armor, weapons, and jewelry. Another Diablo 4 player commented that they managed to equip a gem to the amulet, but didn’t reveal the result of the addition.

Blizzard has yet to comment on the status of the unfinished amulet and what it will do with the Diablo 4 players who got the Unique drop. While players wait to discover the fate of the Eye of the Depths, there is plenty of content from Diablo 4‘s fourth season to enjoy and, with luck, obtain other rare items already available in the game.

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