Death Stranding 2 Filming and Recording Completed, Kojima Says

Death Stranding 2 mastermind and legendary auteur Hideo Kojima has revealed that the filming and recording process for the upcoming sequel is complete.

In a recent radio interview (via Famitsu, with thanks to Automaton Media for additional reporting), Kojima said that the Death Stranding 2 development team has finished recording and filming scenes with the game’s cast.

That cast includes returning stars like Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, and Troy Baker, as well as new additions like Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller and actress Elle Fanning.

Kojima Productions has finished filming and recording on Death Stranding 2.

According to Kojima, now that filming and recording are complete, Death Stranding 2 will enter what he calls an “adjustment phase”, during which gameplay mechanics will be tightened up and scene transitions will be refined.

Kojima says this phase of the game’s development will last for about a year. It’s important to stress that this doesn’t mean Death Stranding 2 will launch in May next year; there may well be more work to do after this “adjustment phase” before the game is ready for release.

However, this does indicate that production on Death Stranding 2 seems to be progressing smoothly, which, given a spate of recent delays in the industry, is pretty impressive.

In the radio interview, Kojima also says that the recent Death Stranding 2 trailer, which was released during January’s PlayStation State of Play showcase, was intended to showcase what the game would inherit from its predecessor and what connections the characters would share.

You can take another look at that trailer below, just in case you missed it the first time around.

Death Stranding 2 is the upcoming sequel to 2019’s open-world “walking simulator” (ahem) Death Stranding.

The game was officially revealed during The Game Awards in 2022, having already been confirmed by returning star Norman Reedus, who will once again play Sam Porter-Bridges in the sequel.

As well as Death Stranding 2, Hideo Kojima is also preparing to expand his new franchise into the world of cinema thanks to an upcoming Death Stranding movie collaboration with celebrated indie house A24.

Death Stranding 2 is currently slated for launch on PS5 sometime in 2025. Stay tuned for more info on this one.