CoD fans waste no time trolling XDefiant players following disastrous launch

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XDefiant, Ubisoft’s new shoot ’em up, dubbed by many as a “CoD killer,” has unfortunately launched with server issues that make the game practically unplayable. Of course, its label as a direct competitor to Activision’s uber-popular FPS series means these immediate problems make it ripe for criticism by the opposing fanbase. So, in typical fashion, the Call of Duty community wasted no time in calling out the game supposedly set to make their favored franchise yesterday’s news.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), both influencers and casual players alike have already published hundreds of posts ridiculing XDefiant and Ubisoft for its launch day fiasco. StoneMountain64, a well-known FPS content creator, made a thread in the same vein, sarcastically captioning it with, “XDefiant definitely seems like a cod killer.” Unsurprisingly, CoD fans commenting below the post piled on with their own online jeers, with one calling it a “literal ripoff.”

Now, it is worth pointing out that most modern MMOs are susceptible to opening-day issues due to the sheer number of players attempting to play them all at once. However, the key differentiator with XDefiant is that Ubisoft decided to delay its release, presumably to make its launch smoother, as many also predictably pointed out on social media.

Luckily, much of XDefiant’s server issues have seemingly been alleviated at the time of writing, as evidenced by an official post. Although some continue to see the dreaded “Unable to Find Match” message on their screens, the game’s development team is continuing to work on its status, and its playability should only improve as time goes on.

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