Watcher of Realms unveils new story and new heroes for a bumper month of May

Watcher of Realms players are in for quite the feast this month, as Moonton release two powerful new heroes, including one that will burst down even the most mighty of foes. Recruit your new friends, and then burn through the Main Quest expansion and debut game mode.

On May 21st, the New Odyssey update is coming to the main questline, provided you have completed Chapter 17 of Path of Destiny. Conquer this new wave of stages and you will be swimming in some special rewards. You will get a new skin, and maybe even a super special secret legendary hero.

If you have a line of enemies you can’t wait to mess up then oh boy are you in luck. Iovar is the second lord hero in the Piercer faction and can deal some pretty beefy damage thanks to his multi-strike attacks, and ability to apply defence penetration to enemies. As a new lord hero, Iovar will have a massive 15x Rate Up summoning event from May 18th to May 20th

For those that prefer mysticism and magic to martial arts, then take a look at the grateful Serephina. This mage can whip out some insane damage per second with her unique skills, setting her as one of the best single-target eliminators in the game. If your Guild Boss squad needs a boost, then Serephina will have her own 15x Rate Up event from May 17th to May 20th.

After bloating your team with these insane new heroes, heard over to Gear Dungeon 2, just expect to stand at the door until it actually opens on May 22nd. This dungeon holds new enemies and bosses from the original, and the duration will be extended from one week to one month. Plenty of time to farm those Mythic and Variant Gear.

Watcher of Realms is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.