The Finals dev says they ‘hope’ to add this gun in the future

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The Finals has a lot of weapons and gear in the game, and more will be added with the launch of Season 3. Nothing has been hinted at yet, but hopefully the upcoming gadgets and gizmos will be as good as the additions added at the beginning of the game’s second chapter. Although it won’t happen in Season 3 and possibly not at all, The Finals developer has spoken about a gun they hope to find a purpose for in the future.

Make sure to check out the full update 2.8.0 patch notes to see of all the changes and fixes recently implemented by Embark. The developer has significantly buffed melee weapons much to the delight of the community, and speaking to fans the developer has also teased the possible addition of a new rank with accompanying skins soon.

The Finals has a lot of potential and the developer is always discussing ideas with the community. Not everything discussed will or could possibly ever be added, but the developer has recently shared their hopes in possibly one day adding a flare gun.

The Finals dev hopes to add flare gun in the future

On the The Finals’ official Discord channel, the community has previously discussed the addition of a flare gun to the game. Fans have been sharing concept ideas for how it could work such as taking the role of a “side utility where when you shoot it shows enemy locations like in Fortnite”.

In 2023, Discord user foodeater shared really cool concept art for how a flare gun could look, and Embark Rob responded in April this year by saying, “Great work.! This has been something we have been wanting to get into the game for a long time, hopefully we will find a cool way to get this in the game one day.!”.

Image credit: thefinals Discord user foodeater

Asked by foodeater on May 18th if a “flare gun will be added in the future at some point,” Rob replied, “It’s been part of the moodboards for a couple of years (TBH we have spent 4-5 years planning, thinking and dreaming about THE FINALS so it is very rare that someone come up with things that isn’t already on the boards… )… That said you inspire us to talk about it again at work”.

The Finals Discord flare gun
Image credit: thefinals Discord

Elaborating on the prospect of adding a flare gun, Rob also commented, “I hope we will find a great gameplay purpose for this in the future… TBH we got a few ideas for a future season where this potentially could fit… but I can’t promise anything”.

The Finals flare gun future
Image credit: thefinals Discord

Right now the flare gun is just a possibility so is by no means guaranteed to happen. This is similar to some other discussed additions for the future such as vehicles.

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