How to Get Prison Keys in Pet Simulator 99

Image: Big Games

If you’re eager to get your hands on the prison keys added in update 12 of Pet Simulator 99, you’ve come to the right place. These keys are essential for unlocking cells within the prison area, providing a shot at grabbing awesome rewards, including the Huge Pet, such as the Huge Prison Cat. To help you on your quest, here’s all you need to know about acquiring and using prison keys in PS99.

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How to Unlock Prison Cells in PS99

To acquire prison keys in Pet Simulator 99, you’ll need to venture into the highest unlocked area within the game. Keep grinding in this area to maximize your chances of obtaining these keys. So, if your best area is Area #204, the best place to grind is there.

Grinding is the only way to get these keys, but playing with friend friends increases the chances of getting these keys by 5% per friend, to a maximum of 20%, but some YouTubers have mentioned they have received 30%.

There are two types of keys: the Blue Prison Key and the Gold Prison Key. Remember, these keys are not tradable, so you’ll have to earn them through your own efforts.

Pet Simulator 99 Prison Keys Blue Gold
Image: Big Games

How to Use Prison Keys in PS99

Each type of prison key serves a specific purpose when it comes to unlocking cells in the prison area:

  • Blue Prison Key: Open a cell with a standard chance for a Huge Pet.
  • Gold Prison Key: Unlock a cell with a 10x increased chance for a Huge Pet.

Tips for Obtaining Prison Keys in PS99

  1. Grind in Your Best Area: To boost your chances of getting those keys, make sure to grind in your best area. This helps maximize the drop rates, giving you a better shot at obtaining the keys you need.
  2. Play with Friends: Increase your chances of obtaining keys by 5% for each friend who’s online, up to a maximum of 20%. Playing with friends can significantly improve your odds of acquiring these valuable keys.