Hades 2 Will Receive New Locations, Enemies, Features and More in First Major Update

Supergiant Games’ Hades 2 is off to a roaring start in early access, peaking at almost three times the number of players of the first game on Steam. While the team has deployed one patch to improve the sprint, dash and resource gathering and has another on the way, it will then focus on a major update that will take “several months.”

Speaking to PC Gamer, creative director Greg Kasavin says that the short-term goal is to deliver “a couple of relatively small patches to improve parts of the game where we can think of short-term improvements that alleviate issues we’ve heard from some players, while hopefully making the game even better for those already pleased with it.” After shifting to develop the first major update, there won’t be any other patches until its release.

However, the update appears significant, adding new locations, enemies, features and “other content.” “Then we’ll patch that a few times to shore up any issues and repeat this broader process…until we consider the game complete! We expect to be in early access at least through the end of this year,” said Kasavin.

The original Hades stayed in early access for about two years before exiting. While the sequel has more content and is arguably in a much more complete state, Supergiant Games doesn’t have a specific date for when version 1.0 will launch. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months, and check out our review in the meantime.