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After some Destiny Child Memorial Codes? We have them here! Our guide includes the DC memorial codes, including the regional ones. There is something for everyone!

The game itself, developed by SHIFT UP Corporation, is enriched with fascinating lore and complex characters, adding a certain charisma to it. In the game, Childs are demon familiars born from human desires and you pit them against one another in bombastic, high-speed battles in Live2D, adding a competitive element to the game. A Child can be awoken to reveal their true form, and they can be raised to max rarity to give you an edge over the enemy team.

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Destiny Child Memorial Codes

Now, enjoy the generosity of the player base!

The Code List

  • GBL Account [LaoTie101]: b272726e-396d-4f58-9f96-976f02ec7566
    • Child – 561/561
    • Soul Carta – 156/156
    • Puppets – 232/232
    • Costume – 315/315
    • Spa – 272/275 (Bugged – 3 Miku)
  • KR Account [Rainy2]: 86a4f394-ec95-4ecf-b573-bcce2cee0a83
    • Child – 612/612
    • Soul Carta – 170/171 (Missing Hyper Energetic Marshal Fighter)
    • Puppets – 200/253
    • Costume – 371/379
    • Spa – 311/312
  • KR Account [Superdream]: 2f48fbbd-1630-4578-b8a3-90760d397316
    • Child – 611/612 (Missing Rin)
    • Soul Carta – 169/171
    • Puppets – 215/253
    • Costume – 373/379
    • Spa – 312/312
  • JP Account [Mulberry Fox Noodles]: 7b761a87-c8af-40e0-b6b4-9d5f6d75dd0
    • Child – 587/590
    • Soul Carta – 182/196
    • Puppets – 195/247
    • Costume – 249/349
    • Spa – 286/307
  • JP Account [Lozhac]: ba00c46e-e402-4549-area-51282fddb9a0
    • Child – 582/590
    • Soul Carta – 159/196
    • Puppets – 173/247
    • Costume – 213/349
    • Spa – 215/307

When Will This List Update?

We will add more onto the codes when we scope out fresher codes missing less of the rewards, or when newer codes are released. We are aware that these regional codes are missing a fraction of their rewards due to players not having access to a more complete collection.

My Code Isn’t Working!

If the code doesn’t work make sure you are entering it exactly as we wrote it. The codes are long, so it is easy to make an error. Be aware that some codes are cap-sensitive too, so if you have caps enabled be sure to turn them off!

Do The Codes Have Limitations?

No, thankfully! Any players who still have access to the game can reap the rewards time and time again. There is no numerical cap on how many players can redeem the codes from each region, however, you can only redeem each code once on your account.