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If you’ve clicked on this Attack on Titan Revolution Skills Tier List, you’ve probably got one of the skill trees open in-game! You don’t want to waste accumulated points on weak skills, so you want to know which are best, right? Scroll down to take a look at our rankings for each type of skill.

Launch the game via the official Roblox page and start investing in your skill trees! To discover more about the individual skills, we have an Attack on Titan Revolution Skills guide that goes over each type in more depth.

Attack on Titan Revolution Skills Tier List

There are multiple skill types in the AOT game! Firstly, you have Support, then Offense, Defense, Family, and Titan. The latter can only be used by those who can Titan Shift. The same goes for Family skills, however, they’re tied to your assigned family when you roll. For example, if you’re part of the Yeager family, you gain access to the Invigorate skill, etc.

Every Support, Defense, and Offense skill can be upgraded universally, no matter the family. This does mean that some of the stronger skills are indeed locked behind the rarer families, but there are still plenty of powerful skills to wield nonetheless!

S Tier

The top skills to invest in via their respective skill type tree!

  • Bandages (Support)
  • Black Flare (Support)
  • Hand Grider (Offense)
  • Lethal Tempo (Offense)
  • Hardy Counter (Defense)
  • Emergency Relocation (Defense)
  • Shifter Regen (Family)
  • Acker Rage (Family – Ackerman)
  • Invigorate (Family – Yeager)
  • Resolve (Family – Yeager)
  • Eject (Titan skill)
  • Corkscrew Punch (Titan skill)

A Tier

After focusing on upgrading the S-tier skills, you should then shift your attention to these ones.

  • Acoustic Shells (Support)
  • Portable Resupply (Support)
  • Order Advance (Support)
  • Drill Thrust (Offense)
  • Torrential Steel (Offense)
  • Counter (Defense)
  • Tough as Nails (Defense)
  • Let it RIP (Family)
  • Arise (Family – Reis)
  • Command (Family – Reis)
  • Hardening (Titan skill)
  • Roar (Titan skill)
  • Brutal Stomp (Titan skill)
  • Upper Cut (Titan skill)

B Tier

These skills are worth investing in, but not at first. Get the S-tier and A-tier skills fully upgraded before you invest points into any of these!

  • Red Flare (Support)
  • Order Rage (Support)
  • Rising Slash (Offense)
  • Swift Strikes (Family)
  • Berserk Mode (Family – Yeager)
  • Conquer (Family – Reis)
  • Last Stand (Family – Zoe)

C Tier

They’re not really worth the points…

D Tier

Pretend these skills don’t exist, your points will thank you later.