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Our Attack On Titan Revolution Modifiers guide has everything you need to know when it comes to modifiers. We’ll explain what modifiers are, and the different ones that are available to you in the game (as well as what each one offers you)

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Attack On Titan Revolution Modifiers

Modifiers which you have obtained can be located bottom left of the missions menu.

What Are Modifiers?

Modifiers are add ones that you can have to change stats and give you unique abilities (or in some cases… take them away) They’re basically there to spice up your gameplay a little.

Modifiers Available

Below are all the current modifiers that are in the game.

  • No Skills:
    • +3% XP/Gold
    • Can’t use any skills that you have
  • No Talents:
    • +2.5% XP/Gold
    • Can’t use any prestige talents that you have
  • No Perks:
    • +5% XP/Gold
    • Can’t use any perks that you have
  • Nightmare:
    • +20% XP/Gold
    • Only abnormals & crawlers spawn
  • Oddball:
    • +25% XP/Gold
    • Titans will have 50% higher stats than normal
  • Fog:
    • +7.5% XP/Gold
    • Lifts any fog that’s in the area
  • Injury Prone:
    • +10% XP/Gold
    • Increased injury chance (if above 100%, it can double injuries)
  • Chronic Injuries:
    • +10% XP/Gold
      -Can’t heal injuries

Will There Be More Modifiers?

There isn’t much that is known about modifiers yet, as the game has only just been released. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any new updates or information that the game might have. We’ll be sure to update this post with anything new that we find, so make sure you regularly check back to make sure you’re in the loop, and you don’t miss a thing!