5 best loadouts for every style in Gunfight Arena

There is no denying that there are a ton of weapons in the smash-hit Roblox FPS. So, figuring out just what to equip for the ultimate Gunfight Arena loadouts can take a bit of work. Never fear, though; I am a pro.

Best Gunfight Arena loadouts

These loadouts cover several different playstyles and ranges. Pick the one that suits your preferred technique, whether long-range or up close and personal. Personally, I am a spray-and-pray kind of guy in this and Battlebit Remastered.

Mobile loadout

If you’re playing on Mobile, you’re going to need a few boxes ticked. Your Gunfight Arena loadout will be good at killing without aiming and be usable on a small screen. This loadout doesn’t focus on accuracy but more on fire damage.

  • Primary – M14E2 – Broken hipfire mechanics, great fire rate
  • Secondary – Desert Eagle – Huge damage
  • Killstreaks – Shield, Turret, Orbital Laser – With the turret under the shield, you can passively rack up kills. Then, mop up with the orbital laser.
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Gunfight Arena Sniper loadout

If you want to hang back and pick off some enemies from the back of the map, there are some really nice options. However, this is my choice for a sniper loadout in Gunfight Arena.

  • Primary – M82 Sniper – One shot kills from a decent range. It isn’t automatic, but it is devastating.
  • Secondary – Big Iron – Chambered for death. It is slow firing, but it throws the lead downrange.
  • Killstreaks – Radar, Hunter Drone, Nuke – Keep your distance while spotting enemies across the map.

Close range and personal

Have you even been to war if you don’t return covered in the entrails of your enemies? With this loadout, you will be turning your foes into pink mist from a foot away. This is the loadout for shotgun surgeons in Gunfight Arena.

  • Primary – Double Barrel – It is close range, and you’re going to be reloading a lot, but it does the job.
  • Secondary – Python – This one kicks like a mule.
  • Killstreaks – Radar, Turret, and Nuke – Keep an eye on the map and rack up passive kills.
Shotgun Loadout Gunfight Arena
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Spray n Pray Gunfight Arena loadout

This one is for when you need to empty a lot of bullets into a lot of enemies very quickly. It is a great crowd clearing loadout for when you have pushed the enemies back to their base in Gunfight Arena.

  • Primary – Owen Gun – Absolute bullet hose that is guaranteed to clear a room.
  • Secondary – Akimbo G40s – Two guns are better than one.
  • Killstreaks – Turret, Shield, Nuke.

The professional

This is the loadout the pros use to clear the maps and end up with a nuke by the five-minute mark. It requires accuracy and great timing, but it will deliver serious wins. If you’re done with this, maybe it’s time to try another amazing Roblox game.

  • Primary – M4 – Requires accuracy, patience, and lightning-quick reactions, but it is devastating in the right hands.
  • Secondary – Desert Eagle – Huge recoil but can kill with one hit when used correctly.
  • Killstreaks – Turret, Radar, Nuke.

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