Twitch is set to roll out a new and improved redesign for its mobile app

  • Twitch is rolling out major changes to its mobile app in the coming month
  • A new discovery feed, changes to activities and more are on the cards
  • The move is part of a broader attempt to get more people on the platform

Twitch is set to roll out a new and improved redesign for its mobile app, which will begin testing with a “select few” users later this month before a planned rollout later in the year.

The big change is that users will no longer see the following page as a default but instead, the new discovery feed, another recent addition. This will let you check out your followed streamers, suggested creators and stories posted by them.

There’s also the addition of a new activities tab where notifications and more can be caught up with, a profile tab and a simplified search experience.

Twitch’s shift to bringing more people in and upping the ‘discoverability’ of other creators is part of a broader move to try and get more users on the platform, and invested in content creators.

Twitch response

For mobile gamers, this may not be the biggest of changes, but for those who play on multiple platforms, these changes are interesting, but also possibly unwelcome. Especially as it means major changes to how the app functions, and the change to a discovery-led experience more like other social apps.

As Twitch points out themselves, most users are solely on Twitch to follow a select number of streamers. So the idea of trying to thrust others front-and-center may not be as well-received as the company hopes.

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