Overwatch Player Spots Unusual Interaction with Busan Train


  • A Lucio player’s unique wall-riding train maneuver on Busan is a flashy move that could catch enemies off guard in Overwatch 2.
  • Overwatch 2 continues to add classic maps like Busan, offering players new interactions and strategies to master.
  • By utilizing the wall-riding mechanic, one Lucio player was able to ride the passing train on Busan, showcasing a rare and exciting gameplay moment.

An Overwatch 2 player has spotted an unusual interaction with the Busan train after years of being a fan. The Control map Busan has been restored for Overwatch 2 from its 2018 appearance, but this clip highlights a helpful use for its train.

Before Overwatch 2 was released, the original title had 32 maps that included Assault, Escort, and Hybrid objectives. There were also 31 heroes to choose between, and the sequel features a constantly growing number, with Venture being the freshest addition. Overwatch was taken offline with the release of Overwatch 2, initially leaving some maps out of the rotation. Blizzard continues to add classic maps to the sequel, Hanamura becoming Hanaoka in April. Among the updated maps is Busan, a location that includes an unusual train interaction that may benefit some players.


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Reddit user TheRealOWFreqE recently shared a clip highlighting their experiences on the Overwatch 2 map Busan. The video begins from a Zarya’s perspective as they approach the point and bubble a Lucio that seems to move erratically. It then shifts to the Lucio’s point-of-view as he heals allies on the capture point while battling enemies. Avoiding an enemy Moira’s Ultimate ability, the player jumps backward, making contact with a passing train at the precise time it comes through. This causes Lucio to wall-ride the train before being sent flying at the opposing team at the same speed as the locomotive.

How Did This Lucio Accomplish Their Speedy Maneuvers?

Lucio can run across walls when players hold the jump button while approaching them. This allowed Lucio to run along the train wall with split-second timing as it sped past the capture point, resulting in the Overwatch 2 Support hero moving backward and forward so rapidly. While some players may not see Busan in the standard map rotation, it’s available in Custom game modes and has been upgraded for Overwatch 2. According to TheRealOWFreqE, they had played Overwatch for eight years before ever encountering a Lucio maneuver comparable to this one. While it was a flashy maneuver, it’s unclear if this Lucio movement confused the enemy team or resulted in victory for their squad.

Without the Busan train passing by as Lucio jumped towards it, this player may have simply jumped off the side of the map to their death. It’s currently unclear why they were sent flying in two directions, but it seems related to the momentum of the vehicle. As Blizzard continues to update Overwatch 2, this Lucio interaction with the train may be polished in a future patch.

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