Hello Kitty Island Adventure releases new photography-themed Picture Perfect update

  • Version 1.7 Picture Perfect is out now
  • Participate in a photo op all over the island
  • Under the Sea event will begin on May 28th

Sunblink and Sanrio have just released a brand new update for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, bringing a wave of new content and numerous QoL changes to the narrative life sim. Version 1.7 picks up from its predecessor, which introduced Cabins & Castles to the game. As always, it will be exclusively available on Apple Arcade.

Patch 1.7 in Hello Kitty Island Adventure has been titled Picture Perfect, which is an apt name given the primary task you’ll be performing. Prepare yourself to take part in photo ops all over the island as you try to capture beautiful memories. Get all your favourite characters into a single frame and take some gorgeous photographs.

In addition, you can also head to the creation station, which offers a fresh way to design cute outfit items and decorations for your home. If that wasn’t enough, this HKIA update will also feature new avatar improvements, including face and back accessories, which lets you further personalize your character’s look.

Mark your calendars for May 28th as well, as this date signifies the beginning of the Under the Sea event. It promises exciting rewards such as new mermaid tails and themed furniture as you embark on a novel underwater adventure. Furthermore, a unique weather phenomenon called Starfall Weather also takes over the island. It will cause Starchests and Stardrakes to appear in the affected areas, offering a chance to collect loads of special items.

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It’s about to be another entertaining few weeks in the world of Hello Kitty Island Adventure as the version 1.7 update is currently available on Apple Arcade. Start playing by downloading the game using the link below. You can also visit the official website for more information.

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