Fix this issue as soon as you install the new update

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The Finals has received a new update this week from Embark. It was slightly delayed from coming out on the traditional Wednesday, but it is now deployed and available to install. While it provides a lot of fixes and improvements, it also comes with a known issue. In acknowledging this known issue, Embark says The Finals fans must manually fix the problem as it won’t be officially resolved until the next update.

You can check out the full patch notes for update 2.8.0. The patch notes are hefty as there is a lot of fixes and gameplay tweaks along with huge improvements for melee weapons. In addition to this patch, Embark has kickstarted a new event with a cute reward available for fans to unlock for free by completing the Terminal Attack community challenge.

The patch is now available to download, but, after installing, you will want to head into the game’s settings to fix an issue introduced by the patch.

How to fix The Finals known issue from update 2.8.0

The Finals update 2.8.0 has introduced an issue concerning gamepad presets. According to Embark, there is currently an issue in the game ‘which causes players to equip weapons when pressing the “Interact and Equip Weapon” button, which is not intended’.

To fix this problem, Embark says you need to ‘go into the controller settings and fix it by clearing the “Weapon” bind’. This is the only way to fix the problem right now as an official solution will not be provided until the next patch.

Below is the message provided by Embark:

Image credit: Embark Studios

After 2.9.0 presumably comes out on May 22nd, we will be even closer to the launch of Season 3. It is currently slated to start on June 11th, and there will be a new map along with a new comms feature wanted by fans since day one of the game’s launch. In addition, leaks have shown some things to anticipate such as the arrival of a cute pet to the game.

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