Despite the PSN controversy, Helldivers 2 players say the game is still “really good”

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It has been a turbulent time to be a Helldivers 2 player over the last few weeks. From the frequent weapon nerfs that have shaken up the meta, and not in a good way, to Sony requiring all PC players to connect a PSN account to Steam. Although this was reversed due to receiving backlash, it has left players in over 170 countries unable to play the game.

Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

But, not everyone is looking at the game in a negative light these days, as U/Maixange took to Reddit to praise Helldivers 2 despite the recent PSN controversy casting a negative light on the game which has seen it dip in popularity.

“The game is actually still really good. I couldn’t play for the past two week, and in addition to the Sony case, I kept seeing everyone complaining about everything on this game and I felt from the exterior it was becoming indeed s***. Then I was able to play again and wtf, everything is still so good, my weapons still are goods, stratagems also, missions still fun. I was kinda expecting bad things but it is still as good as ever for me, I’m starting to think all those people really were complaining for not much.”

Helldivers 2 does feel in a strange spot right now, with the recent nerfs to some weapons, coupled with the PSN controversy putting some players off the game. But, it is difficult to ignore its success, with it selling over 12 million copies in the first three months, as well as building a highly engaged community, with over one million users on both Discord and the official sub-Reddit.

Helldivers 2 players have had a rough time recently, having failed two Major Orders in a row, which may have been successes had the majority of the world not been excluded from accessing the game. But, the current one should be a success as players defend four planets from the Automatons and Terminids. To ensure victory, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be well-equipped to bring democracy to the galaxy.