Blue Archive launches Sakura Festival-themed update

  • The new update adds Main Story Vol. 5 Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1
  • Meet the Hyakkaryouran Resolution Council and help save their club
  • Recruit new Sonic-Type Striker, Yukari

Tactical RPG Blue Archive is celebrating spring with its new Sakura Festival-themed update. The new update introduces Main Story Vol. 5 Hyakkaryouran Episode Chapter 1: Like the Flower That Wishes to Bloom.

The Blue Archive Sakura Festival update takes place during the Allied Hyakkiyako Academy’s well-known Cherry Blossom Festival. The new story revolves around the Hyakkaryouran Resolution Council, a school club that aims to mediate disputes between students. You’ll interact with the club, which is about to be shut down. With your help, the Hyakkaryouran Resolution Council members aim to breathe new life into the club.

You’ll also meet Yukari, a Sonic-Type Striker who uses a sniper rifle, whom you can recruit. Wielding a sniper rifle, Yukari has a basic skill that increases her damage for 30 seconds and gives her an Invocation for increasing her stats every 40 seconds. This new Striker also features the Blooming Resolution EX skill, which allows her to deal damage proportional to her ATK to any enemies within a specified circular area.

The latest update also introduces a new group story featuring the Yin-Yang Club, Allied Hyakkiyako Academy’s student council. As of May 21st, you’ll be able to recruit new friends, Saori and Hiyori of the Arius Squad. Additionally, you’ll also have a chance to recruit Shun and Kokona from the Plum Blossom Garden.

Nexon is also hosting a webview event in Celebration of the game’s 2.5 Year Anniversary. The anniversary festival will be held May 18th and May 19th. Special episodes covering the festival preparations will be released each day during the event to nab 200 Pyroxenes daily.

Blue Archive is a strategic RPG featuring engaging real-time combat, which is available now on Google Play, the App Store and the Galaxy Store. To learn more about this mobile RPG, visit the official website or follow it on Discord, Facebook, or (X) Twitter.