Biden’s Morehouse Speech Is a Mess With Pandering in Overdrive, As Students Turn Their Backs on Him – RedState

Joe Biden was at Morehouse College on Sunday to give a commencement address. 

But his confusion started even before he began to speak. He spent a lot of time staring off, looking like he was lost in space. 

Then he confusingly clapped when there was a call for an “immediate and permanent ceasefire,” which of course would help save Hamas (and not help our hostages or our ally Israel).

But I don’t think Joe really knows what he stands for from one minute to the next at this point. He’s just clapping by rote because other people are applauding, regardless of the reason. 

Then came a lot of pandering and of course, with Joe Biden a new edition to the original story — his connection to Morehouse because of all the “Morehouse men” at the White House, so please vote for me:

“I got more Morehouse men in the White House telling me what to do than I know what to do! You all think I’m kidding, don’t you?” he said. Again, another tell — every time he says something like, “You think I’m kidding” or “Not a joke,” be prepared for utter nonsense to roll out. 

 You know he had to slip in something about his heroic civil rights past. Not. 

Then he tried to talk about how HBCUs got him elected. Watch as he stares off at the teleprompter, his voice almost trailing off as he has trouble reading it, and his head moving to the left as he tries to follow it.

It would be pretty funny if it wasn’t also so sad that we have such an impaired person occupying the office. 

Biden was really reaching with this confused take on George Floyd.

This from Biden, who has made all kinds of racist comments in the past, yet he sells himself as the greatest civil rights” champion ever. Meanwhile he’s made life more difficult for all Americans — including black voters. 

While he was speaking some of the students turned their backs on him, protesting over Israel and the fighting in Gaza. 

He continued pandering, this time talking about student debt and bragging about how he had defied the Supreme Court and found two ways around their decision. 

He also lied about the election laws in Georgia, claiming that they wouldn’t allow you to have water while you’re waiting in line to vote. 

That’s just a straight-up lie, what they’re forbidding is electioneering while you’re waiting to vote, not outlawing people having water while they wait for their turn to vote. 

He tried to speak about their “boundless future,” but the slurring and the losing to the teleprompter made it come out an utter mess. 

Then of course, there’s the obligatory confusion as to how to leave the podium. 

But after all that mess, they still decided to give him an honorary degree. I think they should have given an extra degree to all the people who had to sit through and endure his remarks. 

Very muted clapping, if you ask me. 

Biden then left before the ceremony was even over. 

So much for his exercise in pandering. I think if I were in the audience and I wasn’t sure before, I would be fleeing the thought of ever voting for Joe Biden, after all that. 


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